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Comparing work cultures: insights from the World’s happiest country

In his recent op-ed in Newsweek, Miika Mäkitalo, CEO of HappyOrNot, sheds light on Finland’s happiness secrets, encapsulated in the phrase “kell’ onni on, se onnen kätkeköön” (“whoever has found happiness, that happiness they should hide”).

Reflecting on Finland’s consistent ranking as the world’s happiest country, Mäkitalo explores the cultural factors contributing to this achievement, from a deep connection with nature to the resilience embodied in the concept of “sisu,” Finland’s approach to overcoming adversity.

With an emphasis on fostering trust in the workplace and the importance of work-life balance, he offers valuable lessons for maximizing happiness and achieving long-term contentment and success.

To read the full article on Newsweek, click the link below!