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Achievement unlocked: Over 200 MILLION Feedbacks Collected!

From our initial start in 2009, to this year being awarded as one of the fastest growth companies in Finland, named National Champion for Finland in the European Business Awards, and named in the top 2% List of Finnish Gazelle Companies, HappyOrNot has been on the fast track to success.

It’s amazing to think from where we’ve came and what we’ve so far achieved. Our entire team works very hard to provide our clients with the absolute best service for customer and employee satisfaction improvement, and we push and motivate each other to do better every day. We practice what we preach, so to say, and are always eager to reach the next goal in our journey to even greater success.

A little history of HappOrNot

We’ve just recently reached over 200 million feedbacks collected, and wanted to take this opportunity to share a little of our history with you!

The Start:

  • Established in 2009
  • First client in 2010

Picking Up Speed:

  • First million feedbacks collected in 2011
  • First 100 clients in 2012
  • 10 countries by 2012
  • First “big” roll-out (180 Smiley Terminals) with Elkjop (Dixons Carphone Nordic subsidiaries) in 2013

Growing Fast:

  • 100 Million feedbacks in 2014
  • 1000 clients in 2014
  • 50 countries in 2014
  • Opened a 2nd office in Florida, USA in 2014

Where We Are Today:

  • +200 Million feedbacks collected
  • +1,900 clients
  • +70 countries

And Tomorrow?

Well, watch out world, because this is just our beginning 😉