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A CX Day reflection: Why EX is the secret to unlocking store success 

In the world of retail, CX Day is a stark reminder that everything revolves around the customer. Yet, despite taking a customer-centric approach many retailers often overlook the influence of investing in employee experience (EX).

It’s undeniable that retail staff have a major part to play in the success of any retail store. Unlike online shopping, the interaction between employee and customer almost always influences the experience and decisions of the shopper. Acknowledging this synergy, retailers should embrace and empower their staff through investing in employee experience to exceed expectations during these interactions.

In a recent article, Miika Mäkitalo uncovers how and why EX can be leveraged by retailers to increase customer experience levels across their stores. Using real and anonymous data from HappyOrNot about customer and employee satisfaction levels during the year, Miika explores the connection between CX and EX, highlighting the vital role of investing in employee experience to skyrocket customer satisfaction levels.

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