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National League of Cities (NLC) | 7.-10.11.2018

November 7-10, 2018 | Los Angeles, US

Better Leaders – Better Cities – Better Nation

You Have the Power

The National League of Cities (NLC) City Summit brings together local government officials to discuss the issues effecting their constituents and new best practices to address trends.

The NLC 3-day summit is America’s most powerful resource and advocate for the nation’s city leaders. This year’s conference will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center and will be host to more than 4,000 delegates from 2,000 cities, towns and villages nationwide.

City Summit is the only opportunity for all local officials—elected and staff—to learn about the issues affecting local governments and expand their professional network. The conference provides education for leadership development, meaningful discussions on common local-level problems and new best practices to address the trends affecting cities.

And, exclusive to NLC’s fall conference, city leaders will get a chance to see how others successfully govern during mobile workshops around the host city, showcasing real-world solutions to issues facing local government.

Keynote Speakers Include:

  • Maria Shriver – Peabody & Emmy Award-winning Journalist & Producer; NBC News Special Anchor
  • Jack Dangermond – Chief Executive Officer, ESRI
  • Ron Brownstein – Senior Political and Election Analyst, CNN
  • Tim Sloan, Chief Executive Officer, Wells Fargo

NLC offers an unparalleled portfolio of benefits. Learn how to save money and time, participate in learning opportunities that help you excel as a leader, and access creative ideas and best practices to resolve your community’s challenges.

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