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Customer experience

Flexibility, integration & omnichannel

More flexibility, more integration and better omnichannel capabilities – those were the three themes in this year’s roadmap introduced in the first blog post of the year.

During the first quarter of the year our hard-working concept designers and developers have focused on setting the basis for these developments. In addition, they have been working with several small improvements that by themselves are not big news, but which will tremendously help our customers find the HappyOrNot solution easier to use and more scalable.

Helping customers gain more omnichannel benefits

Our strong roots lie in brick-and-mortar stores and other on-site surveys. However, understanding the digital customer experience has become more important, especially during the pandemic.

We have just introduced some changes to the packaging of Smiley Digital, and now allow customers to create their own Smiley Digital tokens. They can easily scale up their surveys to all different use cases in their organization and catch up much more insights of the customer experience, products, services, and support.

Later this year we hope to introduce some new features and capabilities for Smiley Digital as well, so stay tuned!

One size does not fit all…

Our customers have told us that having more flexibility is an important capability, and currently there are several ideas on our concepting table. We are aiming to identify the ones what will help our customers have more flexibility – in the structure or content – based on our customers’ individual needs, but without disturbing the user experience.

Our customers operate in so many different areas of business and the needs for setting up surveys vary accordingly. We work to allow more flexibility in the ways our system can be used to accommodate these various needs of each customer.

Amid these updates, the ease of use is still a key driver in keeping feedback amounts at a high level. Keeping a high level of feedback is important for us too, as it allows us to really understand the drivers of customer experience in the various industries, as well as provide our customers the most benchmark data.

Integrations to BI systems and other CX platforms

We believe – for good reason – that HappyOrNot Analytics is the best solution for our customers to dig into the feedback data they have captured with our Smileys.

However, we also understand that our customers might have their preferred solutions already in place, and the best value for them would come through the ability to integrate the HappyOrNot feedback and insights with those solutions. The feedback data must be easy to use where our customers want to use it.

We already have successful examples of customers using our data and integrating it with e.g. PowerBI and other systems through the API. To answer to this need, we will put more effort into improving the integration capabilities going forward.

At the end of the day, it is about us providing the results – insights that help you make informed decisions – and you using that data in your preferred system, be it HappyOrNot Analytics, or a data management system of your choice.

Taking the rights steps…

Tomi Suoniemi, VP of Engineering & Product, explains: “Exactly as HappyOrNot as a product allows our customers to focus on the issues that have the most impact on customer experience, we aim to prioritize our product development and focus on what will have the most impact. We have a lot of development ideas cooking up currently that will help us keep our position as the market leader in on-site customer feedback, as well as start gaining more foothold in the digital space to cover the omnichannel needs of our customers. Wherever you face your customers, on-site or digitally, HappyOrNot is able to capture the feedback.”

Stay tuned for future updates, and in case you want to learn more, visit our website, or contact our team for a quote.

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