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EuroShop 2020: Unique Power Package for Retail | 16-20.02. 2020 | Düsseldorf, Germany

HappyOrNot is thrilled to be an official exhibitor and presenter at EuroShop 2020, the leading retail trade fair in Europe and the world’s largest expo!

A lot has changed in today’s retail landscape, and it’s no longer just pricing that drives customers away – it’s bad customer experience. Only if customers consistently have great experiences with a brand which leaves them feeling happy, will they remain loyal. Experience plays a decisive role in the purchase decision and has become one of the most important competitive advantages against price and quality.

Visit HappyOrNot’s booth D98, Hall 3 and find out how you can deliver remarkable customer experiences with our globally recognized ‘Smiley’ experience management system. We will also show you how you can empower your teams to improve experiences with HappyOrNot’s new Real-time Collaboration solution.

Trusted by more than 1,000 retailers worldwide, such as Amazon, Jack & Jones, Elkjop, and Boots, we enable businesses to achieve operational agility, resource optimization, and continuous improvement through experience-driven data insights.

Come and meet the HappyOrNot Team at booth D98/Hall3 or book your appointment now!

Join our session at the EuroShop to learn how to improve the customer journey at each touchpoint in an omnichannel environment

As a global thought leader in the Experience Management sector, we are happy to share our expertise and insights with you. Join our Omnichannel Stage session “Creating a 360° Customer Experience across all Touchpoints” with our CXO, Kirsti Laasio.

Monday, February 17
16:20 pm–16:40 pm
Omnichannel Stage, Hall 6 I 03

Today’s technology has revolutionized the retail industry and is transforming the way that consumers interact with brands. As the shopping experience is becoming more complex, driven by technological change, it is paramount for retailers to understand their customer’s behavior.

HappyOrNot’s experience management system provides retailers with real-time, actionable experience insights at each touchpoint of the shopper’s journey, enabling all levels in the organization-from frontline staff to upper management-to understand their service performance.

With continuous feedback analytics, retailers can align and optimize their customer service instantly through all channels, decrease customer dissatisfaction, and deliver a first-class experience. By integrating HappyOrNot, store managers can successfully retain and enhance profitability in an omnichannel environment that creates new opportunities for retailers across the world.

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