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Webinar | On-Demand

How can you optimise your in-store experience to accelerate sales? Watch On-Demand our interactive webinar to discover the science behind purchasing behaviours, the ways you can increase your conversion, and as a bonus, San Francisco 49ers will share how they have achieved a 98.99% customer retention rate.

Rethinking Retail: How to put customers at the heart of your strategy that took place onMarch 24th, is now available On-Demand!

Listen to stories relating to    San Francisco 49ers     Diesel    Ogilvy      Ralph Lauren

What will be covered:

  • Sandra Thompson from Exceed All Expectations
    How to create a positive customer experience with the science of emotion
  • Martin Lucas from Gap In The Matrix
    Combining real-life with digital to enrich and localise retail experiences 
  • Umesh Johari from San Francisco 49ers
    The journey of how San Francisco 49ers decoded customer decisions with real-time experience data and achieved a 98.99% retention rate

Now available On-Demand!