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Lidl’s New Obsession To Make Every Customer Smile Includes HappyOrNot

Lidl’s 5-day convention held in Dublin, Ireland included nearly 5000 staff with the theme being to change its service culture.

Lidl has set its target to surpass a 20 percent market share in the Republic (they currently hold 12 in State and 5.4 in the North) in the upcoming years. The strategy is to change its focus towards customer service.

“We need to redesign things so that the customer is at the heart of everything we do. We have a new obsession: making every customer smile,” said Chief Executive John Paul Scally.

Additionally, ‘Store assistants’ are to be renamed ‘Customer Assistants’, and during this month, each Lidl store will have a HappyOrNot smiley terminal (read the original article published by The Irish Times). There are approximately 150 stores in the Republic and 40 in the North, with expansion plans of up to an additional 60.

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