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HappyOrNot Feedback Collecting Smileys Capture Passenger Satisfaction at Kraków Airport

Kraków Airport began working with HappyOrNot and Smartlife Polska in March 2017 to improve passenger satisfaction at the airport. Initially, they deployed two Smiley Terminals in various places around the airport, such as at security and check-in, to collect real-time passenger feedback data on their satisfaction levels with these services, and assess the airport experience they offer.

“The passenger experience is an important part of the work of any airport that cares for its customers and listens to their concerns. The HappyOrNot Smileys provided us with an opportunity to identify the factors affecting our passengers’ assessments and allowed us to introduce measures to improve our services,” says Tomasz Żakowski, Head of Customer Service and Customer Experience at Kraków Airport.

Tomasz Żakowski / Photo by for Kraków Airport

One of the key areas affecting customer experience at Kraków Airport is the cleanliness of its toilets. Accordingly, after two years of successful use of the HappyOrNot service, Kraków Airport decided to equip all of the restrooms in the passenger terminal with the wall version of the Smiley Terminal to collect and monitor feedback on the restroom cleanliness, increasing the number of Smileys at Krakow Airport to 42.

“We use the Smiley Wall terminals to identify the most critical hours and locations affecting restroom cleanliness so that the cleaning service can plan their work schedules in advance and accommodate for noted peak hours,” added Tomasz Żakowski.

A HappyOrNot Smiley Wall™ at Kraków Airport / Photo by for Kraków Airport

This year, Kraków Airport also signed up to receive the HappyOrNot Real Time Alert notifications. These notifications alert Kraków Airport and its cleaning supplier’s staff to potentially urgent issues at the exact moment in time they arise, in order to take corrective action immediately. Kraków Airport is also using HappyOrNot’s Reporting App, enabling them on-the-go, minute-by-minute satisfaction level trends and breakdowns, and joining other airports and transportation companies such as London Heathrow, Dublin Airport, AENA and Eurostar using HappyOrNot’s app to monitor and view analytic data continuously on their mobile devices.

Thanks to their customer experience improvement initiatives, Kraków Airport is one of the first airports in Europe to have been awarded a Customer Experience accreditation by Airports Council International.

“The accreditation is a huge distinction for us, even more so as Kraków Airport will host next year’s ACI Customer Experience Summit 2020, which showcases trends, good practices, and solutions affecting the positive perception of airports by passengers.

“The cooperation between SmartLife Polska and Kraków Airport in the implementation of the HappyOrNot service is undoubtedly in line with the subject, which will result in further activities aimed at raising customer service standards and even greater satisfaction from the passengers using Kraków Airport. It has been a key factor in helping us to better understand the needs of all of our passengers,” Żakowski summarizes.

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A HappyOrNot Smiley Terminal™ in Kraków Airport security control zone. Photo by for the Kraków Airport


About Kraków Airport
Kraków Airport is the biggest regional airport in Poland, serving over 7 million passengers a year. Kraków Airport’s route network includes more than 130 direct regular connections to 4 continents (Europe, Asia, North America and Africa), offered by 24 carriers. It is one of the fastest-growing airports in Europe in the segment of airports serving between 5 and 10 million passengers.
Kraków Airport is a member of Airport Council International (ACI). In 2017, it won ASQ Awards 2016 from Airport Council International for the improvement of customer service quality, and a UBM nomination for the World Routes Marketing Awards.

In 2019 Kraków Airport received the Airport Customer Experience Accreditation certificate awarded by ACI World. Sustainability goals are Kraków Airport’s beacon in responsible thinking about the future – it is the only airport in Poland publishing sustainability reports based on the international standard of the Global Reporting Initiative. Investments: In the perspective of the next twenty years, Kraków Airport is going to invest about one billion zlotys in infrastructure development. The key elements of the Master Plan are the construction of a new runway, expansion of the passenger terminal, extension of the apron and relocation of the cargo terminal. The development will have a direct impact on the economic development of Kraków and the region of Małopolska.
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About HappyOrNot Partner Smartlife Polska
Smartlife Polska is the official HappyOrNot reseller in Poland. With many years of experience in the retail industry, SmartLife Polska has been helping Polish companies to improve Customer Experience and Satisfaction Management for several years.
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About HappyOrNot
HappyOrNot® helps businesses improve their customer experience and employee engagement through the globally recognized Smiley feedback management system. The company, founded in 2009, has 4,000 clients in 135 countries and over 1.3 billion impressions collected to date. Clients include Amazon, McDonald’s, London Heathrow Airport, as well as many Fortune 500 businesses in the transportation, retail, healthcare, entertainment/venue, and service industries. Headquartered in Finland, HappyOrNot has offices in the U.S. and around the globe, including a reseller network of over 110 organizations. HappyOrNot provides companies real-time, actionable analytics and insights to advance customer satisfaction, enhance operational efficiency and increase revenue.