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First Truck Centre Celebrates CX Day with HappyOrNot and Positive Feedback

First Truck Centre is Western Canada’s premier Freightliner, Western Star heavy duty truck dealer, Thomas Built Bus and Fire Apparatus supplier. The company was one of the first multi-branch dealerships in Western Canada offering new and used commercial, vocational and business class heavy vehicles. Being a family of heavy duty truck dealerships the company also values and supports the communities it serves.

Customer experience worthy of customer loyalty

To provide a customer experience worthy of customer loyalty, management relies on customer feedback and encourages its customers to share their experience. Addressing the issue of poor response rates from customer satisfaction surveys both in store and online, the company deployed the HappyOrNot Customer Satisfaction Improvement Service, the world’s leading innovative solution used by over 2,000 clients in more than 70 countries.

The HappyOrNot service is a turnkey solution that allows businesses to hear the real voice of their customers by having a friendly and approachable Smiley Terminal located in store. The globally recognized and trusted 4 Smileys (ranging from very satisfied to very unsatisfied) encourage customer participation by an unprecedented 20 %-80% due to its very low commitment, ease of use, and anonymity factor.

Smiley Terminals enable immediate feedback

Unlike traditional surveys or email reminders requesting your opinion, Smiley Terminals enable immediate feedback at the point of experience. HappyOrNot Smiley Terminals can be placed by the entrance to the service area and at Exit signs. The response data is analyzed via reports that provide management with valuable insight into the quality of service and pinpoint areas requiring corrective measures whereby improvement initiatives can be implemented immediately.

Quarterly results showed that utilizing the HappyOrNot Smiley Terminals has dramatically increased customer feedback and lead to higher customer satisfaction results.

“Customers are intrigued by the HappyOrNot Smiley Terminals, making it effortless for the customer to participate and easy for us to capture their feedback.”
Christina Roth, Service Administration Manager at First Truck Centre

The feedback received shows trends that leads management to investigate reasons for the lower ratings. Being aware of these trends allows companies to make adjustments and see how implemented changes are working to improve service and increase satisfaction level ratings.



Flexpro Analytics, a HappyOrNot Official Partner, helps multi-location businesses in the US and Canada create scalable, cost-effective ways to improve customer service and experience. For addiitonal information, please contact Lee Furness at 844-FLEXPRO or visit a website



About HappyOrNot
HappyOrNot® helps its clients to develop their service experience and sales through continuous monitoring and reporting on customer and employee satisfaction levels. We serve such sectors as retail, traveling and transportation, outsourcing services, healthcare and wellbeing, HoReCa, financial services, automotive, and public and governmental services. The HappyOrNot service has received several awards and recognition by major medias such as Daily Finance and USA Today, and featured on Fox Business, Bloomberg International and U.S., and CNBC. HappyOrNot is currently being used by over 2,000 retail and service chain organizations across 70 countries.