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Create high satisfaction dining experiences

There are many factors that can affect customer satisfaction with the dining experience: the menu choice, time to be served, food availability, customer service. The key to achieving high satisfaction is knowing whether your customers are Happy or Not.

How HappyOrNot supports ISS’s Global Food Programme

HappyOrNot’s instant customer feedback management platform was first introduced into the ISS Finland Food Service division in 2015 and is now in over 200+ ISS global food service locations. 

The access to instant, global customer satisfaction metrics enables ISS to analyse and benchmark data across a number of ISS countries and accounts to identify improvement areas and implement best practices.

In addition to the simplicity and ease of use, ISS selected HappyOrNot for its global coverage and support network, fast and efficient customer service (135 countries / 36 languages), and the real-time Analytics reporting which can be exported into PDF, Excel or PowerPoint and shared with clients and customers. 

4 key benefits of HappyOrNot’s customer feedback system

Delivering consistently high customer satisfaction is a key driver for increasing sales, improving food service participation, and customer loyalty. Here’s how HappyOrNot’s instant smiley faced devices benefit ISS, it’s clients and their organisations to deliver excellent dining experiences: 

Improves customer satisfaction and loyalty, and boosts sales.

Contributes to the wellbeing, motivation and productivity of employees.

Provides management with actionable service performance insights.

Strengthens your company’s profile for delivering the ultimate dining experience.

Improve food services with instant customer feedback

  1. Collect feedback: Let your customers share feedback instantly with our user friendly Smiley kiosks while the experience is fresh.
  2. Analyze data: Find patterns, share insights, and engage your team to do the same with our data dashboard featuring metrics and KPIs.
  3. Make informed decisions: Use the feedback insights to make data-driven decisions that improve customer satisfaction and drive growth.
  4. Increase sales: Optimize your services and operations to ensure best practices increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and sales.

ISS Food Service division share their experiences

Hear how ISS uses HappyOrNot’s real-time customer feedback to create exceptional restaurant experiences for their global customers:

“We rely on the HappyOrNot solution to ensure that we deliver on our service promise to over 250 key account locations globally. The insights it provides helps us to drive better engagement and improve the customer experience.”


Andy Tester, Food & Retail Lead, Nordea, Global Key Accounts

“We check the reports and feedback every morning. If we have a specific item on the menu for a long time, we see the Happy Index go down and it’s easy to make changes and add new food to the menu. HappyOrNot makes our work easier.”


Andreo Anderson, Shift Manager & Chef

“We really didn’t know how customers were feeling about our food and service, so we deployed HappyOrNot to all restaurants. Since 2015, the HappyOrNot score has been increasing and we have gotten better each and every year. It’s a robust, simple, and easy to understand KPI for all our restaurants.”

Petri Salminen, Head of Food Product, Operations Performance, Finland

“Someone asked why we never have fish sticks on our menu. We were thinking that it may be a joke and thought that there’s only one way to find out: put fish sticks on the menu. Our HappyOrNot results told us it was not a joke, and we still have them on the menu today. HappyOrNot is a very important tool for our whole team!”

Minna Pulkkinen, Restaurant & Customer Service Manager

The HappyOrNot customer satisfaction system

Whether you need to capture feedback online, in-location, or both, we have the best customer feedback tools for you. Our terminals are designed to be intuitive, easy to use, and customizable to ensure maximum coverage and accurate data collection. 

Smiley Touch™

Discover the “why” behind customer feedback with layered surveys. Understand root causes, connect to the time and place, and resolve issues fast​.

  • Add-ons: Antimicrobial screen, QR code/web link with mobile, demographics, gestures.
  • Versions: Stand, Wall, and Table. ​Stand has optional ad-on for hand sanitizer.
  • Set-up: ready out-of-the-box using plug/electrical outlet. ​

Smiley Terminal™

Know if your customers are happy or not in seconds. Engaging, easy-to-use, and frictionless feedback with a simple press of a Smiley button.

  • Add-ons: antimicrobial buttons, QR Code/web link with mobile
  • Versions: Stand, Wall, Table, and Mini. ​Stand has optional ad-on for hand sanitizer.
  • Set-up: ready out-of-the-box and wireless so you can place anywhere. 

Smiley Digital™

Provide the same great experience in your digital channels. Fully compatible with the physical Smileys to easily track satisfaction across all touchpoints.

  • Easy to deploy, minimum IT support needed
  • Same Analytics platform and survey structure
  • Can be made as a QR code/web link to complement on-site Smileys

Analytics reporting – the powerhouse behind our Smileys

HappyOrNot Analytics is our proprietary software that presents the results of your Smiley feedback in simple charts and graphs. Let Analytics do the hard work for you: mine customer feedback, investigate root causes, and connect the feedback to the defined time and place.

Use the insights to make informed data-driven decisions to improve customer experience, develop operations, and boost your business performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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