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Your Complete CX Improvement Solution

HappyOrNot is the leading solution to help companies transform real-time customer feedback into CX data insights. A scalable solution that fits small companies to large enterprises. Thousands of industry leading companies around the world trust HappyOrNot to drive business growth and profits through improved customer experience.

Pressing Button

Feedback collecting Smileys capture real-time feedback at the exact moment and point-of-experience

Social Sharing

Performance result sharing that can be displayed on info screens, websites, and social media channels


24/7 access to your CX data insights and analytics via the Reporting Service and Mobile App


Automatic alerts and notifications to spot changes that require immediate actions


API to integrate CX insights into your own business data


A team of CX experts, providing industry insights, expertise, and trends based on over 1 billion data points collected globally

How Real-time CX Insights Transform Your Business