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Stay against large supermarkets by ensuring great customer service and product selection with HappyOrNot

With HappyOrNot’s instant feedback terminals and insightful analytics, your specialty shopping business can stay competitive against larger chains by providing excellent service and product selection.


What makes HappyOrNot unique for specialty shopping

HappyOrNot stands out from other feedback solutions with our ability to connect feedback with customer demographics, along with the time, place, and reason for feedback. Our Smiley Touch™ terminals make it easy for customers to provide feedback, while our analytics provide you with root cause analysis and solutions to problems.

With our support and onboarding services, you can maximize the benefits of HappyOrNot and stay ahead of the competition, including large retail chains and department stores by ensuring good service and selection for your customers.


of consumers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations


of shoppers don’t return after a bad experience


of shoppers go out of their way to visit retailers that make shopping easy

Focused feedback solutions for specialty retail

HappyOrNot’s solution is specifically designed for specialty retail. You can benefit from our feedback terminals and analytics with four simple steps and start addressing your customers’ needs immediately.

How It Works



Customers rate their experience through an intuitive rating system.



The feedback is recorded and sent to our Insightful Analytics platform.



Analyze the feedback to understand root causes and find solutions.



Share the feedback and collaborate with your team to improve customer satisfaction.

The importance of collecting feedback for specialty stores


Specialty stores offer unique products that cater to specific customer needs and interests. To ensure success in this competitive industry, it’s essential to understand what customers want and need. By collecting feedback, specialty stores can make informed decisions and provide personalized customer experiences that keep them coming back. Here are some benefits that businesses in the specialty stores industry can get from using HappyOrNot solutions:

  • Loyal customers bringing more lifetime value through repeat business.
  • Product selection that is optimally adapted to consumer preferences
  • Customers choosing to buy more from you rather than going elsewhere
  • Professional staff that delivers expert advice to secure purchases

Hear what our specialty retail clients have to say

Hear from our specialty shopping clients who have seen the benefits of HappyOrNot’s solution firsthand. From optimized product selection to engaged employees, HappyOrNot has helped businesses in this sub-industry stay competitive and provide excellent service.

Kevin Dier

Vice President of Business Development,
Johnstone Supply

“Timeliness of the customer feedback is a key success factor for us. While we previously relied on phone calls to customers days or even weeks after their visit, HappyOrNot enables Johnstone Supply customers to share their feedback at the exact moment of their experience, making it more relevant and reliable.”
Jaakko Luumi

CFO and Deputy General Secretary,
World Championships 2022 and 2023 at Finnish Ice Hockey Association

“One core goal for the championship was for our visitors and volunteers to have fun. But how do you measure and report on ‘fun’? Then we realized the solution already exists: HappyOrNot” 
Kenneth G. Sørensen

Operations and Business Development Manager,
XXL Sports & Outdoor

“HappyOrNot gives us the unique ability to consistently measure customer satisfaction at a completely elevated and statistically significant level than ever before.” 
Todd Burbage

Blue Water Development Corp.

“The level of analytics and reporting we were able to pull out of the HappyOrNot system and being able to drill down to see customer satisfaction at a moment in time made HappyOrNot the obvious choice.”
Tommi Kortman

eCommerce Manager,
Gigantti (Elkjøp Finland)

“Direct customer feedback is crucial because the user knows best. It’s great to have this connection with our customers also in the online world with Smiley Digital, even if we don’t get to meet them face to face.”
Rebekah Schulz

Director of Community and Culture,
Georges River Council

The biggest change that HappyOrNot has brought to the services in my area of responsibility is the transparency of information to all levels of our organisation. When staff, managers, and our executive team all have access to real-time data that tells them how our services are performing, every person feels like they own the customer experience.
Daniel Propoggia

Customer Service Coordinator,
Georges River Council

“The improved customer satisfaction results were motivating our staff who were in turn striving to provide even better customer service.”

Try our HappyOrNot solution today and optimize your specialty retail business

With HappyOrNot’s easy-to-use feedback terminals and insightful analytics, your specialty shopping business can stay competitive and provide excellent service and product selection.

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